The End…Road Trip October 2010

At Rincon I realized I was within striking distance of home. Considering how much driving I had been doing home didn’t seem far at all. My longest and most adventure filled trip was going to come to an end soon. My beard had really started to fill in. I looked at myself and asked had I really been gone that long? I looked 20 years older than I am with the beard. I need a shave. 

So I headed home. I arrived in the evening. This adventure had come to an end. Although it was nice to be back at home, it seemed that nothing had changed since I was gone. Back to the old grind I suppose. Or back to the drawing board to plan another trip! Thanks for reading and looking at all the images!

I decided to forgo the surf along the Central coast. I figured I could make it to Rincon before dark with plenty of time to surf if there were waves. Well I managed to get myself into a huge traffic jam in Santa Barbara. It was The Friday before Halloween. 1000’S of kids and parents in costumes. It made me a bit to late to surf Rincon. I decided to just take a stroll along the point with my camera. 

In San Simeon the Elephant Seals lazily lounged all over the beach. The big bulls competed for territory and the females and pups mingled in clumps and jockeyed for the warmest spots in the sun.  

There were a lot of potentially good surf spots along the central coast. Here’s one in Cambria. A couple of guys surfing and a few checking it out. Looked like a lot of bull kelp clogging the line up though.

I ended up in Morrow Bay and spent the night. I woke up in the morning to a fantastic sunrise. I didn’t shoot any pics of it because I was to lazy. I also wanted to surf. I ended up not surfing and backtrack north a bit. I drove through the towns of Cayucos, Cambria and San Simeon. What a beautiful part of our California coast. This is considered Central California.

On the way back I wanted to surf at Ocean Beach in San Francisco. The waves were real small so I toured the town in my van a little bit. I just randomly drove around in an area I hadn’t driven in yet. funny I stumbled across the Height Asbury intersection. I thought it was a pretty cool area. Another 1st for me. So I didn’t surf in San Francisco this trip. Maybe next time.

I was real impressed with the waves and conditions at Half Moon Bay State Park. So here are a few random shots and memories of the surf and sunset. 

A photographer rarely gets a shot of him or her self. I was surfing in the Humboldt Harbor and local legend Craig Spjut got a few of me. It was pretty nice of him to trade contact info and send the shots to me. So here it is, in all it’s point & shoot glory. To give the shot a little more scale, my board is 9’6”.

A few random shots and memories of Patrick’s Point.

A few random shots and memories of Humboldt Harbor.

A few random shots and memories of Trinidad.

I really liked the small town feel of the Trinidad Police Department.

I found myself back in Humboldt County. I had surfing on my mind. Here is the best seat in the house to check the surf in Trinidad.

Back in California I stopped in Crescent City again. I surfed and watched the sunset at Point St. George. I had dinner, took a nap then did a night drive through the redwoods. There was a full moon that would pop in and out of the clouds illuminating the road. There was also lightning striking very near and in my line of sight. It was really exciting!

I stopped at fewer spots along the way south out of Oregon. The weather was bad and I was kind of in heading home mode. Here a shipwreck got my attention, a good reason to stop.